Introducing Treesaver


The word is out about my latest venture: Treesaver. Nomad Editions is our first customer to make a public announcement, you can see their promotional video below:

The response and interest so far has been fantastic, and it’s great to finally be able to talk about what I’ve been working on for the past several months.

We’ve been getting a ton of questions, and I thought I’d take some time to answer the most common ones.

What is Treesaver?

It’s a way to make column and page-based layouts using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Text and image layout is tailored to fit whatever screen the user is using, in order to create a attractive, usable experience. Here’s a video demonstrating how Treesaver adapts to a changing window size:

Why use HTML?

There are many reasons to use HTML, but the most important ones in our opinion are:

What are Treesaver’s Browser/Device Requirements?

The column and page-based layout works on most modern browsers, specifically:

Because Treesaver content is just HTML, it degrades gracefully onto legacy devices. Users with IE6 or older phones will still be able to read any article that uses Treesaver, although it will have a simpler, primarily text layout.

Can Treesaver content be distributed via the App Store?

Yes. We will provide the ability to package Treesaver content as an application that can be downloaded and sold through the App Store.

When can I use Treesaver?

We’re not giving public access to Treesaver right now, although we will be doing a limited beta test in the coming weeks. Subscribe to the Treesaver mailing list to be notified when beta invites are ready to be sent out.

I’m interested in using Treesaver for my publication, how do I get in touch?

Contact us via the Treesaver website.

Will Treesaver be Open Source?

Yes. I’ll be releasing the client libraries Treesaver under an open source license later this year (it’s not quite ready yet, I have to remove all the dirty words first).

Got any Screenshots?

Sure, here are a few from a Nomad Editions sample issue:

Treesaver in Chrome on the Mac

Treesaver in Firefox on Ubuntu

Treesaver in IE

Treesaver on the iPad

Treesaver on the iPhone

More Questions?

Ask @treesaver or @fortes on Twitter.